Identifying the Over and Under Achieving Michigan Schools

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) ranks schools past on test scores and than reports the percentile a schools is in.  This tells us the absolute performance, but leaves out information.  For example, the percentage of students getting free lunches greatly impacts performance.  A school that has a lot of free lunch students that beats expectations, could be adding more value than a school with high absolute performance.  I’ve created a map that shows under and over performing schools based on location, demographics, and socio-economic status.    The model captures the top 10% and the bottom 10%.

OverperformingIndicates a school that over performed on one or more of math, reading, science


Under Performing SchoolsIndicates a school that under performed on one or more of math, reading, science.


Be sure to click on the icon to get the details about the school.

The icky math details are below.

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Comparing NHA Charter School Performance with Nearest Neighbor

Responding to a recent Detroit Free Press series, the CEO of National Heritage Academy (NHA) had this to say:

Apples-to-apples comparisons to neighboring district schools help explain the appeal. More than 90% of NHA’s Michigan schools had a higher overall proficiency rate than neighboring district schools on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program.

Which raises interesting questions that no one else has documented because life is short and math is hard.  In this post I’m going to compare NHA schools performance with the nearest neighbor for 5th grade MEAP results in Math, Reading, and Science.

I’ve created a custom Google map to document the locations (be sure to click on the icons to see the schools results, demography, and socio-economic indicators).

Below is the analysis, but watch out, there will be MATH!

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Using Regression Analysis to Identify Factors in MI Primary School Test Performance

The Detroit Free Press recently ran an interesting series of stories about charter schools in Michigan which made me wonder if I could use regression analysis to partition the variation in test results on the basis of race, poverty, location, and type of school.  This analysis uses MEAP scores for the 5th grade.

tl;dr — For profit charter schools generally produce worse results than public or not for profit charters while not for profit charters produce better results.

If you’re thinking “eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhwwwwwwwww math”, I hope to soon incorporate the results into an on line map to make it easy to look at the results for particular schools .

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