A Real World Example of A/B Website Testing

A/B testing has gained a lot of interest in recent years as a practical method for improving the results from websites.  My business partner and I produced a mobile application, RecallCheck that relied on a database we created from FDA and USDA websites.  During our project, the FDA introduced a new website for reporting food related issues called the:  Reportable Food Registry.  For our purposes (using a mobile phones to scan bar codes), the result we most cared about was the quality and quantity of UPC codes.  Below is a detailed statistical analysis of before and after the FDA made it’s changes with regard to the quantity of UPC codes included in published recall notices.   While our interest was the UPC codes, the same process can be applied to any change on a website. Continue reading


Customer Lifetime Value and Technology Marketing

Fred Wilson over at AVC has stirred up something of a hoo haa about the value of marketing to a technology startup.  I think Fred has point about the poor contributions marketing has made to technology startups.  My experience in business and school is that marketing tends to attract bs artists who talk a fast game, but aren’t interested in doing any hard analytical work.    For a big company, this is often not a problem.  But for a little one it can be quite dangerous.  With this post I’m going to describe using Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a useful tool for measuring marketing effort.  Many startup technology firms have ignored this useful tool at their own peril. Continue reading